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Kitten Kong ORIGIN

Written by, Parker Ashley
Adapted for this website by Dad

Parker always wanted a kitten, but his dad would always say no! Kittens were wimpy. On his way home from school, Parker would stop by the local Pet Shop and visit with his kitten friends. The shops owner Mr. Dobberton, was a nice man and he had a pet monkey named Kong.  Parker stoped in the shop just as he did every day, but he never could have imagined what was in store for him at the Pet Shop today. Little did he know the Shop's owner was also secretly a scientist and he was being visited by a local farmer who wanted help making is plants grow HUGE! Parker was on the floor playing with Kong and his favorite kitten he named... Kitten. Mr. Dobberton came out of the back holding a glowing pink vile, that he showed to the Farmer, Mr. Dobberton explained that his growth serum would make his tomatoes as big as a house! Kong loved to steal things and that glowing pink vile was too good to be true. Kong leapt up and snatched the vile from his hands! Mr. Dobberton chased him all over the store making one mess after another. Parker hid himself under the dog bone display to avoid getting hit by one of the birds who was now loose in the store! Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kitten perilously hiding near a fishtank with Kong sitting on top. Mr. Dobberton lunged for Kong, knocking over the tank sending Kong and the contents of the tank splashing to the floor, right towards Kitten! A Pink fog began to fill the store and Mr. Dobberton's eyes widened. He leapt up, grabbed Parker and headed for the door. Safely in the parking lot Parker watched as the shops windows filled with bright pink smoke.  Parker frantically pleaded with Mr. Dobberton to go in and save Kitten and Kong when the shops windows shattered and a giant hand reached to the ground. The roof started to crack and lift when it suddenly was launched into the air, landing on Mr. Dobberton's van. The Pink smoke filled the air. Through the smoke, Parker could start making out a strange shape, as the smoke began to clear he could not believe his eyes, a giant GORILLA KITTEN! Kitten and Kong had merged into one and they were now as tall as a 4 story building. The beast recognized his friend and started walking over to Parker, he didn't know what to do so he took shelter beside a tree but there was no hiding. The beast picked up Parker in is giant hand and brought him up to his face for a closer look. Parker thought he was about to be eaten when the giant kitten head opened its mouth. Luckily for Parker it was just a giant wet kitten lick! Kitten remembered his friend Parker and this made him giggle. Parker gave his friend a hug and named him Kitten Kong. Parker told Kitten Kong that he definitely wasn't wimpy any more so he was sure his dad would be ok if he brought him home. KItten Kong followed Parker home while poor Mr. Dobberton stood in shock looking over his ruined store.

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